Dystopic - Brazil - Hard Techno

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Recent Release:  Emphasizing Your Fake Side EP 01.21.2022
Label: Lazuli Black
Career Highlights: Support by ihatemodels, top selling Lazuli Black Artist


February 2022

Veterinarian by day, DJ and producer by night. Dystopic is back with Lazuli Black with his most recent release Emphasizing Your Fake Side EP. The EP consists of 4 fast pased hard techno bangers made for the late night hours. True to his style, Dystopic hasn't disappointed and will continue to make noise within this incredible dance scene. 

Who is Dystopic and what got you started in the music business?

Dystopic is a guy who loves to live life on the edge, a guy full of desires who takes everything intensely and it's no different with music.  I discovered my love for music in 2015/2016 after seeing an amazing mix in a club, since then i haven't stop.

Tell us a bit more of your musical influences?

My musical influences are as diverse as possible, I've always liked music a lot, regardless of the musical genre. I usually say that if music touches me in some way or shines in a different way in my ear, i'm sure i'll like it and it'll end up influencing me. Essentially everything around me influences me.

How would you describe your music and style?

I always try to bring different sounds to my songs, I usually like a strong, melodic and energetic line. A mix of HardTechno, RaveTechno, AcidTechno, Trance and many other genres.

Where do you see Dystopic in the future?

I see myself doing what i love the most, working hard on music and taking care of animals.

How does it feel to be part of such a great music community in Brazil?

For me it is very gratifying, I see that we are doing a good job in all Techno genres and i believe that soon Brazil will be a great barn for electronic music. All of this of course is a work that has been built for years and we from the new generation - we are continuing it!